Philly Tech Week Hackathon Recap

On Saturday, April 28th, the 2nd Philly Tech Week came to a close.

Like the inaugural Philly Tech Week last year, this weeklong series of technology events and panels concluded with a hackathon focused on open government data and journalism.

This way to the hackathon

I gave a brief preview of this event over on the Code for America blog, and shared some observations on how I thought this event was pushing the boundaries of what the “traditional” notion of a hackathon is:

This event – which took place in conjunction with BarCamp News Innovation – was a mashup of journalism unconference and open data hackathon. More clearly than most events, this one underscored the important relationships between civic hackers and journalists, and the common interest they both have in open government data.

In my mind, this event also highlights the maturity of the open data and civic hacking cultures in Philadelphia – the only city to date to partner with Code for America for two years in a row.

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Philly Urban Apps & Maps Studio Launches

Yesterday, at the Fox School of Business at Temple University, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter helped launch the Urban Apps & Maps Studio – a civic business incubator that will support the development of software applications to address urban issues in Philadelphia.

The video below – by former Code for America fellow Anna Bloom – provides a nice overview of the focus of the new Apps & Maps Studio.

Introducing Urban Apps & Maps Studio from Anna Bloom on Vimeo.

The Studio, which will be led by Fox School of Business Professor Youngjin Yoo, is supported by $700,000 in grants from the federal government, and has the support and partnership of the City of Philadelphia and Code for America.

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