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Open Gov: What’s gone Right, What’s gone wrong

I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel at the recent MIT-Kinght Foundation Civic Media Conference in Boston.

MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference

The panel was chaired by Susan Crawford and included Chris Vein, Deputy United States Chief Technology Officer for Government Innovation, and Mike Norman from

The panel discussed what has worked well in the open government movement, and things that have not worked so well. Some good ideas for keeping the movement strong and thoughts on where it is going were offered.

A pretty good discussion I thought. I hope you do to.

3 responses to “Open Gov: What’s gone Right, What’s gone wrong”

  1. danielbevarly Avatar

    Mark – I thought it was good discussion and very insightful. Although, it was concerning to me. I appreciate and do understand the focus on \”data\” surrounding these discussions on open government –mainly because there are a lot of technology people who are invited to these discussions. However, I continue to find fault with both government and the technology community to focus almost exclusively on open government as a data challenge, without regard to the dialog challenge to reconnect citizens with their government –which should be the first priority with social media IMO.

    Another concern is the focus to advance private sector, for-profit ventures with government around the open gov concept without surveying or participation from the end-user customer, i.e., citizens, who frankly seemed to be slighted throughout this discussion. Still a very insightful panel discussion that provided me additional insight and knowledge into this perplexing challenge we call open government. That\’s my $.02 worth. Dan

  2. Good points – there was a brief mention of the “open government movement” being about citizen engagement (in addition to open data), but perhaps not enough.

    I agree – enhancing opportunities for citizen engagement are a key part of this effort.

    If you’re interested, have a look at the Engagement Commons – a project of Code for America focused in identifying solutions that can be used to better connect citizens with their governments.

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