Local Focus Drives Apps for Metro Chicago

Really like the information I am getting about the Apps for Metro Chicago contest.
Apps for Metro Chicago
This OpenGov app development contest seems to have taken a lot of the learnings from other contests and incorporated them into some of the things that define how it will operate.

Case in point, a focus on “local usefulness” – here is a snippet from the judging criteria:

The judges are looking for apps that are built with the input and support of not-for-profits, community organizations and businesses. If you can include a letter from a partner group saying “we’ve used this app and it furthers our mission and/or business” in your submission, you get extra points. If you work closely with a partner group to develop an app that helps them solve a problem and build a plan to integrate your app into their online presence, your app will automatically rise to the top of the pile.

That’s smart, and could result in some first rate apps beng submitted for this contest.

It’s a definite departure from the focus of other OpenGov app contests – like the app contest that was conducted as part of OpenGov West, which focused on apps that crossed over government boundaries and used data sets from multiple governments.

It will be interesting to see how this local focus affects the kind (and number) of apps submitted.

I may have to roll up my sleeves and get an entry together for this one. 😉

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