Open311 Goes Big Time

This was a big week for the Open311 initiative. Federal CIO Vivek Kundra joined Gov 2.0 rock star Mayor Gavin Newsom from the City of San Francisco to announce a national initiative to adopt a common standard for a 311 API.

The number of supporters for the initiative is growing, and I think it’s high time that developers started getting in on the act.

There isn’t a publicly available sandbox (that I am aware of) for developers to use to develop Open311 applications. The Open311 website, however, has some detailed information on the API standard as well as some sample XML responses that the API will provide.

Based on this information, I’ve started working on a set of PHP classes for interacting with the Open311 API. It’s still rough, and it will obviously undergo many changes as more information on the API is developed, and public test infrastructure is set up.

Still, its a start (and it was fun to write!) – I’m hopeful that others will help develop this set of classes. Hit me up at mheadd [at] if interested.


  1. Jay · March 5, 2010

    Nice work Mark. We plan on releasing our Open311 sandbox next week. Just doing final round of testing.

  2. Mark Headd · March 17, 2010

    New repo set up on Github with latest version –

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