Opening a Dialog on New York State Legislation

Innovative things on the transparency front continue to emerge from Albany, thanks to the crew working for the NY Senate CIO. The latest – an Open Legislation portal that allows New Yorkers to search for bills by sponsor, status or keyword and to initiate a dialog on bills.

Users of the site can comment on bills as a guest commenter – by leaving name, email and (optionally) web site information – or by logging in via OpenID, Facebook Connect or several other services.

What is especially intriguing is the ability to send trackbacks – so blog discussions on bills are incorporated into the comment history. For example, a quick search in the Open Legislation portal on “text messaging” produces A2280. because Vox Populi uses WordPress, I can specify a trackback URL to this bill so that this post will be incorporated into the comment history. Very cool!

Keep your eyes peeled for even more good stuff coming out of the NY Senate in Albany in the future.

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